Frequently Asked Questions

When is my rent due?
The 1st of each month

How do I pay my rent?
By sending a check, made out to Flats on Frankfort, to 225 S. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222 Ste. 103

Can I pay my rent online?
No. We tried to set up an online payment system, but it did not work consistently enough.You are asked to mail your check to the address above

When is my rent considered late?
If your rent has not been received by the 3rd of each of month it is considered late. If there is a holiday or the 1st lands on a day the mail is not running you should send it out early to ensure you are not late because there will be no exceptions

What is the penalty if my rent is late?
If we have not received you rent, for whatever reason, by the 3rd of the month you will be charged a $35 one time late fee on the 4th of the month + $5 for each additional day you are late beyond that.


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